Four Pillars of Treatment


Nutrition is more than just counting calories. Nutrition evaluates food quality and digestibility, as well as meal timing, frequency, quantity, and microbiome effect. For those wanting a more traditional approach, our clinic will review food labels, portion sizes, and other methods to help you conquer the kitchen at home.

Those wishing to have a little more one-on-one help or custom meal plans will be referred to a registered dietician. For those wanting more rapid weight loss, we provide a physician-supervised very low calorie meal replacement program boasting an average weight loss of 30 lb. in 26 weeks and 25 lb. at one year.

The medically supervised meal replacement, unlike other products you may find online, includes 100% of the necessary daily vitamins and minerals necessary for daily living. In addition, rapid weight loss can be associated with some unintended consequences, which our patients are monitored for during the process.

At VITALIS, we believe education is crucial to lifestyle change and we are confident that if you have the tools, you are capable of driving your own path toward a healthy future.


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