About Vitalis Metabolic Health

Vitalis Metabolic Health was founded in 2019 to address the growing obesity crisis—a time when nearly 35% of Oklahomans and nearly 40% of Americans qualified as having a diagnosis of obesity. The goal of the clinic is to focus not necessarily on weight loss alone, but on weight loss as part of an overall healthy lifestyle change, as well as to treat obesity as the medical disease that it is. Vitalis understands the impact that excess weight can have on quality of life, co-morbid medical conditions, and lifespan. That’s why the clinic uses evidence-based treatments to help patients achieve their goals. Vitalis is Latin for “life-giving.” That’s our goal: to guide patients toward improving quality of life, one step at a time.

Ryan Morgan, D.O.

Meet the Doctor

Determined to treat the disease of obesity…

After four years of hospitalist work, Dr. Morgan began to witness first hand the vast health complications a significant majority of his patients were struggling with due to Obesity. This first hand experience lead him to some basic research about obesity and the truly incredible pressure the disease is putting on our medical system. This piqued an interest in Dr. Morgan which quickly lead him to pursue diplomate status with the American Board of Obesity Medicine. He was awarded this status in 2018, and the following year he continued his professional development by being awarded diplomate status of the American Board of Clinical Lipidology. Dr. Morgan is currently the only physician in the State of Oklahoma to hold both of these credentials.

Together with Bryan Luff, Dr. Morgan teamed up to start Vitalis Metabolic Health. The goal of the clinic is to help improve the overall health of our community by focusing solely on treating patients with obesity or overweight through evidence-based and individually tailored programs. Dr. Morgan’s thirst for knowledge has led him to develop a true passion for disease prevention and for understanding the oft-misunderstood complexity found in the field of obesity medicine. 

Dr. Morgan attended Oral Roberts University where he earned both a bachelor of science in biology with a minor in biochemistry, as well as a bachelor of arts in Spanish. He went on to earn his medical degree at Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences and to complete his residency in Internal Medicine at Oklahoma State University Medical Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Dr. Morgan currently works as a hospitalist at INTEGRIS Southwest Medical Center in Oklahoma City, and until early 2019, he also worked as a rural hospitalist at Great Plains Regional Medical Center in Elk City. He is regularly seeking opportunities to become more involved in his community, and in his free time he enjoys seeking out new cultures by traveling the world, escaping in the serenity of sailing, and discovering the heart of cultural connection by learning languages.

So, how do we treat obesity?

At Vitalis Metabolic Health, our approach is always going to be rooted in evidence based & individually tailored medical weight management. That means we won’t be injecting you with unproven hormones that make you GAIN more weight in the long run. We won’t be putting you on a pill that is falsely advertised as able to fix everything. Why? Because, while other companies will try to tell you these things work, the truth is, evidence proves that they simply don’t!

Study after study (after study) shows that by focusing on four primary areas—what we call our “four pillars of care”—you can, and will, see long term results. We leverage Nutrition, Physical Activity, Behavior, and Medical Treatment to treat the disease of obesity.

Medical Treatment

Obesity is a “chronic, relapsing, multifactorial, neurobehavioral disease”. We now know that fat is the largest endocrine producing organ in the body. Our appetite and metabolism are affected by insulin, cortisol, leptin, ghrelin, CCK, PYY, adiponectin, lipoprotein lipase, GLP-1 and more! Some of these hormones have direct impact on the brain itself, especially the hypothalamus.


Nutrition is more than just counting calories. Nutrition evaluates food quality and digestibility, as well as meal timing, frequency, quantity, and microbiome effect. 


Our clinic explores the behavioral mechanisms of weight management. There are multiple reasons that drive our motivations for what, when, and how often we eat such as: hunger, emotion state, hedonism, social participation, reward, boredom, and habit.  

Physical Activity

Physical activity doesn’t just help promote maintenance of weight loss, but it can improve cardiovascular, endocrine, gastrointestinal, musculoskeletal, neurologic, and psychological measures. 

Shed the Stigma. Treat the Disease.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for obesity. But, at the end of the day, obesity is a disease…and diseases can be treated. Start treating the disease of obesity and take your health into your own hands.

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